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Treatment for prematurely aged, dehydrated and/or asphyxiated skin
Just as our body needs oxygen to live, the skin also needs to be oxygenated to keep its glow and smoothness. The Oxygen line offers an exclusive treatment to encourage oxygenation of the face, activate cell life and stimulate regeneration and purification in prematurely aged, dehydrated and/or asphyxiated skin.

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Bio Oxygen (20 x 3ml)
Oxygenating, regenerating and moisturising emulsion. {tab Ingredients} Oxygeskin® Phylderm® veg..
Ex Tax: £59.57
Oxy-Hydrogen (150ml)
Moisturising cream for asphyxiated and/or dehydrated skin. {tab Ingredients} Oxygeskin® Phylder..
Ex Tax: £34.99
Oxy-Redens (150ml)
Redensifying, regenerating cream for devitalised, dehydrated and/or asphyxiated skin. {tab Ingredie..
Ex Tax: £36.66
Oxygen Mask
Regenerating, oxygenating and free radical scavenger mask. Contains Centella asiatica and Ulva lact..
Ex Tax: £20.41

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