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Bio Oxygen (20 x 3ml)
Oxygenating, regenerating and moisturising emulsion. {tab Ingredients} Oxygeskin® Phylderm® veg..
Ex Tax: £59.57
Bio Sensil (20 x 3ml)
Concentrate for sensitive skin where localised or general redness of the skin is observed. {tab Ing..
Ex Tax: £47.08
Glycofruit Forte 5 (20 x 2ml)
AHA & PHA exfoliator recommended for very thick, pigmented or keratinised skin types. {tab Ingr..
Ex Tax: £49.58
Glycofruit Medium 3 (20 x 2ml)
AHA & PHA exfoliator recommended for all skin types, except those that are very thin or sensiti..
Ex Tax: £48.33
Glycofruit Soft (20 x 2ml)
Soft exfoliating solution recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea-prone skin or acne prone skin due ..
Ex Tax: £48.33
Natural White Intense (20 x 3ml)
Concentrate for hyper-pigmented skin or skin with dark spots {tab Ingredients} Vitamin C (Ascorb..
Ex Tax: £40.83
Procolagen (20 x 3ml)
Intensive moisturising concentrate for skin showing extreme dryness or dehydration, with deep wrinkl..
Ex Tax: £47.49
Pur-Skin Biocomplex (20 x 3ml)
Complex for oily, acne prone skin with problems and impurities. Alcohol free. {tab Ingredients} ..
Ex Tax: £39.99
Re-Vital A+E (20 x 3ml)
Multivitamin concentrate that is recommended for skin that is fine, wrinkled, very dry, keratinised,..
Ex Tax: £61.24
Top Cell Bio Replenish (20 x 3ml)
Concentrate for mature or prematurely aged skin showing expression lines {tab Ingredients} Cyto..
Ex Tax: £62.91
Vivrecel Bio Lift (20 x 3ml)
Anti-ageing, firming and lifting concentrate for fatigued and devitalised skin. {tab Ingredients} ..
Ex Tax: £62.49

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