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Only Men

Men's skin care and comfort
Men's skin is around 24% thicker than women's, with higher concentrations of collagen, elastin and water that keeps it firm and elastic for longer. However, when skin ages and becomes flaccid, the process is faster and more aggressive than in women's skin.

The "Only Men" line is based on the power, strength and vital energy provided by trees like Baobab, Beech (the ever-lasting youth tree), Tepezcohuite (the skin tree) and White Willow. It suits men perfectly because it is focused on the specific needs of men's skin. It provides a moisturising and regenerating action, firmness, flexibility, luminosity and comfort, without leaving a greasy after feel.

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Only Men After Shave Comfort (150ml)
Refreshing gel that soothes the irritations caused by shaving. Reinforce the skin's natural defence..
Ex Tax: £14.16
Only Men Energy Fluid (75ml)
Light non-greasy, regenerating, repairing and moisturising fluid that recharges the skin with vital..
Ex Tax: £14.99

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