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Cellular renewal
With increasing age and sun exposure, dead cells tend to accumulate on the skin surface, cell renewal slows down, the skin becomes irregular and wrinkles accentuate. The Glycofruit line works in two ways to remove dead cells and boost skin renewal:

  • With ingredients that break the links among stratum corneum dead cells, enabling their sloughing off: plant origin Alpha-hydroxyacids (AHA) and Beta-hydroxyacids (BHA): glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, tartaric, mandelic and salicylic acids; Exfolactive, a Nopal cactus flower extract that boosts the activity of the skin’s own enzymes that are involved in the natural desquamation process.
  • With the fruit enzyme papain, that dissolves stratum corneum dead cells
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Glycofruit Enzyme Lotion (250ml)
To be used with Glycofruit Papaya Powder for enzymatic peeling treatment. Dissolves dead cells of s..
Ex Tax: £14.99
Glycofruit Renova (50ml)
Hydro-nourishing renewing cream, that is suitable for dry or combination skin that tends to be dry. ..
Ex Tax: £28.74
Glycofruit Seractif Concentrated Serum (30ml)
Moisturises dry skin and reduces the shiny appearance of oily skin. Eliminates dead cells and impuri..
Ex Tax: £28.74

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