Belnatur supports Melanoma UK

Belnatur was founded in Barcelona in 1979 by pharmacist and chemist Jose Maria Ribera. The company is regarded as one of the most important producers of professional cosmetics in Spain and is also internationally recognised.

Belnatur was the first company to create treatments which could protect the skin and prevent specific skin problems. We continue to research and create new products using the most advanced technology.

Belnatur products were primarily created for professional use in salons, we have since developed retail products to be used by clients at home.

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Belnatur means 'natural beauty' and the active ingredients in our products have a natural origin, either from plants or from the sea.

We have a wide range of professional and retail products available from our website covering 3 specific areas: face, body and sun.

As one of our fundamental principles, Belnatur will never cease to investigate and search for new solutions in the field of beauty treatments.

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